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Complete Automotive is excited to now offer the newest technology to car repair. We are fully committed to our customers that we can now offer help even when you aren't in our shop. We are happy to bring the future of automotive repair directly to your car.

How It Works

The CarVantage app and sensor connect together wirelessly to offer you safety and convenience every time you drive. Simply download the CarVantage app from the app store of your Android, Apple or Windows device. Register and create an account. Plug the sensor into your OBD-II port and turn on the car. The sensor connects automatically and immediately begins scanning your vehicles PCM for any fault codes or issues and will continue as long as it stays in the vehicle. Leaving the health of your vehicle in our hands.


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CarVantage Application | Complete Automotive Inc.

  • Know the severity and consequences of a check engine light to get peace of mind before a full diagnosis is even preformed
  • Monitor the health of all of your family's vehicles, regardless of their location
  • Receive automatic reminders when you approach your next scheduled service directly to your phone
  • Schedule an appointment on your own to come to the shop through the app
  • When a check engine light appears receive a notification explaining the codes to you in an easy to understand language at the same time Complete Automotive receives notification of a fault as well as information to start diagnosing the vehicle before the vehicle even arrives. Making diagnostics quicker and more convenient for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I leave this plugged into my car?
You should leave the sensor plugged into the vehicle. If you leave your car set for more than 3 weeks, we recommend you remove the sensor.

Doesn't my car already give me alerts?
CarVantage provides extra information about the problem, helps you get the problem fixed, and alerts the shop so they can better prepare for your visit.

Are you tracking my driving habits?
No! CarVantage does not track nor store your location or driving habits. CarVantage will only ask for location permission when downloading the app to calculate your vehicles mileage.

Do I need to leave Bluetooth on?
In order to receive up-to-date information from your vehicle you will need to have Bluetooth turned on while driving, allowing the CarVantage app to communicate with the sensor

Will I have to pay anything?
CarVantage is a free service for our customer. Our main goal is to help our customers take better care of their vehicles. There is a $15 refundable deposit for the sensor that will be returned to you when the sensor is returned.

Can I have one for my other cars?
Yes, if you bring your family members' vehicles back to the shop, we can give you additional units.

Does it Detect everything from my car?
At the moment, CarVantage only reads Check Engine Light. It does give drivers the opportunity to select other dash lights within the app to better understand what they mean, but cannot detect them automatically.

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